How-To | Transfer a pattern onto fabric

There are countless ways to get your pattern from the paper in front of you to the fabric you’d like to use for your hand embroidery project. This method is almost fail-proof, super easy, and more than likely you’ll already have all you need right at home.

Supplies needed:

  • Embroidery hoop
  • Fabric (typically you’ll want to stick with a cotton or linen blend)
  • Light source (such as a window, or a light box/pad)
  • Water soluble marker or #2 pencil
  • Pattern




Thanks for watching and happy stitching!



3 thoughts on “How-To | Transfer a pattern onto fabric

  1. Kim Hillyer says:

    Hello. I stumbled upon your tutorial on Youtube (loved it by the way – very informative) and was hoping to find more so I followed the path to your blog. Then I started reading about your Willa. You are a beautiful writer clearly stating your feelings with grace.
    It’s one thing to just say you believe and trust in God, but your words clearly show that you walk it too.
    My prayers to you and your family and all that continue to find cures and comfort us and our loved ones.
    God Bless


    • garlandandpendant says:

      Kim, Thank you so much for your words! Glad you found Willa’s story, and we so appreciate your prayers and support. Your message has further encouraged me to continue to weave our experience with faith, childhood cancer, and the therapeutic craft of hand embroidery together to support and encourage others. Much love to you!


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